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Excursion destinations for your holiday planning in Tyrol


In the Jenbacher Museum, the following themes with exhibits, photos and documents are presented in 19 rooms on 700 square metres of exhibition space: 
Industry: sensor production, Jenbacher Werke, railways
Nature: butterflies, birds, mushrooms, snails and mussels
Sports: Alpine and winter sports
History: Jenbachs history, important Jnebacher, option of the Südtiroler of 1939


The oldest rack-and-pinion steam locomotives in the world are more than 117 years old. Whistling locomotives, hissing and steaming valves, pounding pistons and hammering exhaust blows guarantee en unforgettable steam train experience. From Jenbach station you can reach the Achensee lake with a gradient of 16% and a journey time of 45 minutes. It is the largest lake in Tyrol and has access to Achensee shipping.


was built in 1500 high above the Inntal between Jenbach and Stans and served as a hunting lodge for Emperor Maximilian I and Fuggers. The late Gothic building jewel was richly furnished in the Renaissance and has been the residence of the Counts Enzenberg since 1848. In perfect condition and fully furnished, Schloss Tratzberg offers visitors a fascinating "radio play tour" (for children in fairy tale versions) which gives an exciting insight into the history of that time.


The Krimmler Wasserfälle - the largest in Europe - are the fifth highest waterfalls in the world with their impressive height of 380 m over three steps. A hiking trail created by the Austrian Alpine Association (OeAV) leads directly to this breathtaking natural spectacle. Experience the refreshing spray rain and the impostante power of the water in the midst of the fantastic mountain scenery of the Hohe Tauern National Park.


So close to heaven, in Europe's highest planetarium. The first glance thorugh a telescope is unforgettable for many people - bizzare lunar landscapes, the Jupiter cloud bands, the rings of Saturn, glittering star clusters carry our senses away to other worlds. Look though our telescopes and discover luminous gas nebulae or galaxies in the depths of space.


The Zeiss Planetarium in Schwaz is one step closer to heaven. With the help of precision devices, effect projectors, audio and video equipment, the events that take place about us in the cosmos are represented and explained. Due to the constant change of shows, the Zeiss Planetarium is a cosmic cinema.


Experience in the show dairy the whole way of hay milk processing and production of hay milk products. On 6000 m2 glazed production cheese, yoghurt, butter and much more are produced. . . . the alpine dairy Zillertal is only 8 kilometres away from us!


Experience a fascinating adventure underground in the Schwaz silver mine. The exciting journey back in time to the silver medieval past begins with a first highlight: the ride on a train 800 metres deep into the Sigmund Erbstollen, which was excavated in 1491. The Schwazer miners had the best mining know-how of the time and made Schwaz the largest mining metropolis in Central Europe and the second largest town in the Habsburg Empire.


In our unique wax museum we show you handmade and very valuable wx figures in original size. Look at our fingers! During a visit to the candle world we offer you a free demonstration of the handmade candle art.


Narrowly bordered by the Inn River, the medieval town of Rattenberg nestles against the Schlossberg. The carefully restored town houses house the 600 inhabitants of Rattenberg - the smallest town in Austria. Rattenberg also bears the name "Glasstadt". There is everything that gives glass its special beauty: glass engraved and painted, crystal glass, plates, cups, bowls, etc. You can also observe glassblowers at work.


More than 100 years have passed since the Wolfsklamm was opened in Stans. Thousands of visitors have already visited this unique natural spectacle and the Stallenbach, with its gradient for white spray or emerald green glow in the depths, will continue to have its joy. The bridges and wooden footbridges are masterpieces of craftmanship and lead over 354 m to the Georgenberg, where the Karwendel Alpine Park begins.


A visit to the town of Rattenberg can be ideally combined with a visit to the so-called model cemetery. In the "cemetry without the dead" which was lais out by the Guggenberger family in laborious work, pieces of jewellery of ols craftsmanship have been given a worthy place. The visitor can reflect joyfully and contemplatively on the becoming and passing by with the inscriptions.


Embedded in a mysterious park, a glittering fairytale landscape awaits you that invites you to dream. In 1995, the multimedia artist André Heller created a place of wonder in 14 underground chambers for the 100th anniversary of Swarovski. The constantly changing crystal dress of the rooms reflects the joy of innovation and dynamism as the top maxims of the world's leading manufacturer of percision-cut crystal.


The Museum of the Münze Hall - cradle of the Taler and today's Dollar - traces a past where wealth meant bare coin, money still had magical brilliance and currency was as hard as the material from which it was minted. Modern audio guides guide visitors through half a millennium of European coin history.


The state capital. In the heart of the Alps, the most diverse cultures of historical epochs and scenic attractions meet in a unique way. The city shows many sights - the "Goldenes Dachl" in the beautiful old town should not be missed. A visit to the Alpenzoo is certainly an unforgettable experience for children.


Visit the Interactive Museum with its newly adapted showrooms dedicated to the life and work of Emperor Maximilian I (1459-1519) and his time. The new "childrens world" invites young visitors on an exciting journey of discovery into the museum. Enjoy a magnificent view from the magnificent dungeon of the Golden Roof.


More than 2000 animals of 150 species in the entire Alpine region invite you to an eventful visit to Europe's highest zoo. Both young and old feel at home in the Alpenzoo: the golden cockerel with its 5 grams is a real lightweight, the bearded vulture with its 3 m wingspan is the largest bird in the Alps. The special experience for the whole family!


Among the most popular excursion destinations in Tyrol, the imposing "Festung Kufstein" has long since secured a place for itself. The "journey through time at the adventure castle" has a magnetic effect on locals, day trippers and holidaymakers alike. The lavishly renovated fortress is the much admired and versatile jewel of the "Pearl of Tyrol" and today offers culture and history enthusiasts an astonishing range of impressions and services.